Bad days are universal. Whether the cause stems from the stressful new and unpredictable world we’re living in, unwanted news, or even a freak coffee stain accident in our kitchens that leaves our favorite Zoom work shirt unwearable, they always leave us feeling absolutely terrible. But, the good news is that bad days can easily be turned right around.

Yoga, meditation, and a healthy dose of self-care can help improve your mood when you’re just not feeling a certain day, but there’s also an often overlooked remedy: essential oil blends. Each oil carefully picked for their benefits, the blends we create at UP Healthy Living are handcrafted with the cause of your bad day in mind. With just a few drops, your day will be transformed.

Essential oils vary greatly in their own benefits. They can do everything from reducing stress and aiding in sleep to purifying one’s body to curbing anxiousness.  Because there are so many oils, the benefits they provide and the ways to use them are truly endless, which makes them perfect for tackling every single type of bad day we could have!

Blending oils amplifies benefits and creates personalized scents that target your exact needs.

Although blending oils is a science it boils down to this: each blend needs a carrier oil, base notes, middle notes, and top notes. Base notes provide a foundation, whereas middle notes bring balance. Top notes make themselves known first with their intense and alluring scents, they’re the real showstoppers. Blending all of these notes together are the carrier oils. These oils dilute the potent and fragrant essential oils and also prevent the super concentrated essential oils from irritating your skin.

When you’re not feeling it, taking the time out of your day to concoct the perfect essential oil blend to uplift your spirits is out of the question. This is why I created a few blends that target specific feelings we all experience on one bad day or another. Whether you’re stressed, tired, or sad, we have you covered.

A Blend for When You’re Stressed

The uncertainty that COVID-19’s brought about has triggered an uptick in stress induced bad days worldwide. We’ve begun to stress about things we didn’t even know we had to stress about: masks, groceries, and even toilet paper. This blend, one that layers lavender, rose, and chamomile, can help you unwind and forget these stressors, if even for a few hours.

Lavender’s calming effects combined with roses’ balancing tendencies and chamomile’s mood regulating properties makes for the perfect stress killer. Pop it on in your diffuser and watch as your body relaxes, letting go all of the worries you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

The Recipe:

3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

1 Drops Rose Essential Oil

1 Drop Chamomile Essential Oil

20 Drops of Carrier Oil

Bootle up this concoction for an easy supply of immediate stress relief.

A Blend For When You Need Sleep

Sleep deprivation is nothing to joke about! There’s a reason it’s used as a torture tactic.

Tiredness’s cause can range from insomnia to bad dreams, but its effects still feel the same. One night of no sleep can prompt a row of terrible days, some seriously dark circles under your eyes, and incessant yawn attacks. Combatting the inability to sleep with routines, better habits, exercise, and sometimes, medication, can help, however, essential oils can also lull you to sleep.

This homeopathic cedarwood-clary sage-eucalyptus oil blend is chock full of relaxing and sleep-inducing oils that, when applied to the bottom of the foot or dispersed throughout the air, can help you achieve your ultimate full night of sleep. It’ll leave you well-rested, restored, and ready to take on your next day.

With cedarwood’s proven sedative qualities, clary sage’s natural stress-reducing properties, and eucalyptus’s breathing benefits, this three-pronged blend truly tackles all the root causes of your inability to sleep.

The Recipe:

3 Drops Cedarwood

1 Drop Clary Sage

1 Drop Eucalyptus

20 Drops of Carrier Oil

A Blend For When You’re Feeling Blue

Sadness is a universal emotion. As we grow, we realize it’s important to care for ourselves on the days we find ourselves sad or down. For when we don’t care for ourselves, and leave ourselves neglected, we can’t, to the best of our abilities, care for the ones around us.

You might find yourself fighting off the blues with a good book or a favorite movie. While enjoying your favorite things, searching for that little spark of joy, diffuse this ylang ylang, lavender, and bergamot oil blend within the area around you. Watch as you instantly feel yourself lighten.

Ylang ylang oil, which is extracted from a tropical flower, naturally relieves stress and was found to help curb depression. Carefully mixed with lavender, which as we know is calming, and