Taking care of yourself directly extends to taking care of and cleaning the environment around you. The products you buy to complete that large responsibility, like kitchen cleaners, aerosols, and surface wipes although seemingly effective, can have the opposite effect you wish they had due to their toxic ingredients.

Household cleaners and products with toxic and harsh chemicals often have far reaching adverse impacts. They can ruin your health, put your loved ones at risk, and taint the environment you love so much.

Here at UP Healthy Living, we use toxic free household cleaners. Here’s why you should too.

Toxic Chemicals Take A Drastic Toll on Our Bodies

It’s no secret that the toxic cleaning supplies we use around the house directly affect your health. Oftentimes we see the cost of using these products on our skin, with irritated and itchy rashes appearing over our hands, arms, and legs. Known as contact dermatitis, these rashes make themselves known when your immune system feels as if it’s under attack, usually when exposed to harsh chemicals or allergens. These rashes and the discomfort that comes along with them are completely avoidable and can disappear when you erase harsh chemicals from your cleaning routines.

The intense chemicals found in household cleaning products can be ammonia, bleach, and volatile organic compounds, which are the gas byproducts of products or processes. When inhaled, these harsh household cleaning product ingredients can contribute to chronic respiratory illnesses, asthma, and headaches.

Switching to toxic free and green cleaning products removes harsh chemicals from your cabinets and your body. This switch can leave you much healthier!

Buying Fewer Products Means Less Money Spent

Now, it seems, there’s a specific toxic cleaner for everything. There’s harsh cleaners marketed for specific forms of flooring, certain types of cloth, and each and every surface you have in your home. Buying each and every one of these products, to ensure your home is sparking clean, can add up.

Toxic free cleaners, with clean and versatile ingredients, are often multipurpose meaning they can be used on a multitude of surfaces within your house. These safer household products can also be bought concentrated so you have to use much less every time you want to clean something. Using and buying less means saving more!

Safer Cleaning Supplies Means Your Children Are Protected

As I’ve spoken about before in my post, “Let’s Stop Poisoning Our Children,” toxic chemicals found in our pantries and closets can be lethal for children.

The 2019 novel coronavirus has caused an uptick in how many cleaning supplies we keep around us. Suddenly, we’re seeking out more and more sanitizers, bleaches, and surface cleaners. The increase in the quantity of cleaners around our homes means children have more opportunities to ingest and expose themselves to harsh chemicals.

Since the onset of COVID-19, poison control centers in the USA have experienced a 20% jump in calls regarding household cleaning products and sanitizing agents. Among these calls are a sizable number of cases where children under 5 accidentally got their hands on these products.

Swapping out toxic surface cleaning supplies with green ones and keeping these, and sanitizers, away from children can save their lives, especially during these uncertain and unexplored times.

Green Products Make For A Greener Earth

Harsh and toxic cleaning supplies don’t exist solely inside the bubble that is your home. They seep out into the environment tainting water supplies, messing with populations of wildlife, and decreasing air quality.

Three chemicals found in the cleaning supply aisle, ammonia, phosphorus, and nitrogen, pollute water in large quantities. Making their way into water systems through your sinks, drains, and toilet bowls, these contaminants are never truly removed from our water supply through waste treatment facilities. Unlike other harsh ingredients and compounds, this damaging trio continues on into your waterways, where they wreak havoc and accelerate certain forms of plant growth in our water systems.

Sometimes, water treatment facilities don’t rid tainted waters of the chemicals found in our cleaning products. These resilient substances, such as alkylphenol ethoxylates, have been scientifically shown to disrupt endocrine systems in the wildlife that consume and are exposed to untreated or mistreated water. This disruption leads to negative reproductive effects, throwing off wildlife populations and destabilizing local habitats.

VCOs, volatile organic compounds, the same gases that irritate our lungs, contribute to increasing smog levels in the environment.

When VOCs make their way outdoors, they react with various other pollutants to produce a “harmful ozone or fine particulate matter known as PM2.5.” This atmospheric disruption can cause and worsen breathing problems as well as heart and lung disease.

Reducing the amount of  ammonia, phosphorus, and nitrogen, as well as how many potential VOCs you have in your cabinets, just might help save the world we love so much.

Simpler Ingredients Means You Finally Know, and Can Control, What You Clean With

Reading the ingredient lists on the majority of the items found in the cleaning aisle always proves difficult. You can’t pronounce half of the things listed nor do you know what they are. This rules out knowing these compounds’ side effects.

With green and toxic free cleaning supplies, understanding ingredient lists just got a bit easier. Some of the most powerful and effective green cleaning ingredients are items you already know a ton about. For example, baking soda, white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and salt are all cornerstones in green cleaning. Growing up with these products, you already know what they do.

Simpler products with fewer adverse effects on the environment, your body, and your loved ones means a healthier life.

A Toxic Free Life Is The One For Me

Seemingly innocent, cleaning products can have adverse effects on your health, put your children at risk, negatively impact the environment, and claim a large portion of your monthly budget.

Taking care of yourself and all that’s around you is as simple as switching to greener products and making more informed decisions about the cleaning supplies you bring into your home, which is why I made that switch long ago.

Take control of your home, health, and environment and make the change today.