What I learned yesterday about Access Bars!
When an Access Bar is eaten prior to exercise, the ingredients in the Access Bar can mask adenosine receptors on fat cells to prevent the inhibitory effect of adenosine without affecting its normal metabolic disposal.

The Access Difference

Fuels workouts with stored body fat vs. supplying unnecessary calories like other “energy-bars”

Ignites and accelerates the fat burning process by blocking your body’s natural fat guard.

Fat burning does not produce lactic acid, thus minimizing premature fatigue, soreness, and stiffness and making exercise enjoyable, simple, and sustainable for like.
Tone up your Wellness and your Wealth
Access Bar & Shake:
               Releases fat guarding on command
               Facilitates fat burning during activity
               Minimizes soreness and pain
               Increases lean muscle mass and toning
               Minimizes fat regain
               Supports success for weight loss and fitness goals!