1. Choose Healthy, Ready-Made Foods. Ready-made foods aren’t all bad and can be healthy when you choose them thoughtfully.  Here are some healthy examples…
  • Microwavable pouches of brown rice and quinoa
  • Canned lentils or chickpeas
  • Ready-made salads
  • Chopped and ready-to-cook fruits vegetables (fresh and frozen)
  • Frozen and canned meat and fish
  • Low-salt vegetable soups

What are some of your favorite ready-made healthy foods? If you don’t have any, consider incorporating some of these into your next meal. 

  1. Make Cooking Easy. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. The internet is filled with countless quick and easy recipes. Some as fast as 5 minutes. Research your favorite dishes, and find healthy and fast alternatives for them. Incorporate pre-chopped frozen vegetables to save extra time. 

What recipe have you always wanted to try, (but maybe felt too intimidated to make)? Research an easy version of it!

Recipe examples: https://ifoodreal.com/clean-eating-recipes-dinners/

  1. Meal prep. Choose 3-4 easy recipes that overlap with each other.  For example, 2 of the recipes could include grilled chicken or another protein.  Set aside a window of time once a week to cook the food in bulk. Disperse the food into individual containers. Heat the individual meals up as you need them during the week. This cuts down on cooking time, and takes the stress out of choosing a meal. 

What day of the week can you make time to meal prep? 

  1. Invest In A Meal Kit Service. Take the stress out of meal planning, and invest in a meal kit service like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or Sun Basket. These services offer healthy and fresh meal kits that are delivered right at your door. 

Is there a meal kit service you’ve always wanted to try? If not, consider researching some meal kit services that best fit your lifestyle. 

  1. Choose Healthier Options When Eating Out. Add a side salad, or vegetables to your meal when you can. Swap soft drinks for water, unsweetened ice tea, or coffee. Choose grilled options instead of fried foods. Most importantly, enjoy yourself, and allow yourself to enjoy all foods in moderation.

Is there a healthier option you can choose when you dine out? 

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