I can love my true self and live
I give love to myself first. I replace negative
opinions of myself with the compassion I
have now to love me.
By learning to love me first, I can trust
my heart. My heart knows what is suitable for
me even when unsure how it feels.
When I trust my heart, I can let go of the
past. I release the fear of judgment from
the past.
I know that I am worthy of love and
I am grateful for every experience that
allows me to grow. I am thankful for each
lesson I learn. I am thankful for my
successes and failures.
I learn to accept my life as it is today. I
know how to walk my talk. I grow beyond
my hurts.
I live my truth daily and walk
authentically along my path in life. I accept
myself and refuse to hide. My true self
comes forth, and I am free within myself.
I learn to love myself through honesty. I am
learning to forgive myself.
I allow myself to be happy within the
context of my current reality. I let myself
grow as an individual. I am open to new
Today, I choose to live authentically. I
choose to forgive myself. I choose to live
happily despite my past. I choose to move
forward in my life.
Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How does it feel to love me?
  2. How can I be more honest with myself?
  3. How does living authentically serve my higher purpose?