A Doctor’s Recent Study Proves That You Have More Control Over Your Health Destiny Than You Think, All Thanks to the Sunshine Vitamin

We’ve all long been told by our doctors, and our mothers, that a little sunshine and a good dose of vitamin D does wonders for you. But, what would happen if I told you vitamin D’s benefits don’t stop at keeping our bones healthy and providing us with a glowing complexion? What if I said vitamin D is completely changing the way we detect and prepare for our future health? Well, would you believe me?

I hope so, because it’s true.

Vitamin D, whether it be ingested through tablets or capsules, or soaked up while basking in the sun, can detect underlying health issues and help you take control of your future health and wellness.

Dr. Leen Antonio from University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium recently shocked the science world when she revealed, after much research, that low vitamin D levels in the blood can alert you to disease and predict mortality. Dr. Antonio’s findings prove to us that vitamin D’s benefits travel far beyond those we can see. They allow us to see into our wellness future and take charge.

Unsatisfied with how the medical establishment reads levels of vitamin D in the body, Dr. Antonio took to researching a more effective way. Instead of measuring the total amount of all of the different forms of vitamin D in the body, she studied the free and active form of vitamin D that’s found surfing through our bloodstreams.

As she got further into her research, Dr. Antonio felt that measuring the total amount of vitamin D in different states in our bodies, as opposed to the form of vitamin D that actively makes it into our bloodstream, may lead to a less accurate look into our future health and current health issues.

Observing vitamin D deficiencies in the blood is a breakthrough that we can take advantage of. It redefines our power over our futures, easily allowing us to take active steps to remedy predicted health issues before they even happen. Her findings can and will give us peace of mind.

They also prove to us that the benefits of vitamin D, and the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, travel far beyond those we can see.

We all know the common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Suddenly, we feel tired and places that aren’t supposed to hurt, hurt. Sometimes, not getting enough liquid sun makes us crabby. However, most of us are blissfully unaware of the seedier side of a deficiency of this seriously vital vitamin.

Not absorbing enough vitamin D hasn’t only been associated with contracting a cold from time-to-time, but also with catching COVID-19, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and a laundry list of other serious health problems.

But, fear not, because thanks to Dr. Antonio, we can now gain a bit more control over our own health destinies.

By simply measuring how much free and active vitamin D is in our blood, we can take action and correct our health’s course. Adjusting how much of the sunshine vitamin we intake through tablets, supplements, our foods, and nature based on how much of the free and active form of the sunshine vitamin is in our bloodstreams can prevent us from experiencing certain types of cancers, cognitive health issues like dementia, and rickets. Taking vitamin D even helps reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis.

With Dr. Antonio, preventative care and how we predict our future wellness just became much more accessible. Not only is it now easier to see and measure the active type of vitamin D that supports our health, it’s also easier for us to meaningfully impact our health. Just by taking a vitamin, we can exercise power over forthcoming illnesses and diseases, snubbing some out entirely and mitigating others.

Taking our health back into our own hands through vitamins and medical care brings us power and some much needed relief from worry. It also gives us more time in the present, and the future, to spend truly enjoying our lives doing the things we love with the ones we love.

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